The Full-Time Program at Danceworks Sydney is a goal oriented course, delivered within a nurturing environment, for students who show potential, are hard working and dedicated to pursuing a career in dance. The emphasis is on training young dancers to have a secure dance technique as a foundation, as well as developing each student’s artistry, musicality, versatility, resilience and self belief. 

Students and teachers set longer term goals at the commencement of each term, and shorter term goals each week. This enables each student to understand expectations, and for teachers to provide regular feedback, allowing students to participate in and track their progress against these goals.

Students are prepared for RAD and Character exams, Eisteddfods, Australian and International pre-professional school auditions (predominantly for schools attached to companies) and Company auditions. 

Guest teachers are invited in to extend student’s experience. Students who have experienced a range of styles and have learnt to adapt, cope better with auditions. In professional companies, the contemporary and neo-classical repertoire, is often prepared by guest choreographers with individual styles.

Injury prevention and wellbeing are key subjects that are taught weekly, in order to educate students in safe dance practice, in order to sustain a long, healthy career.

Unlike most other Full-Time courses, at Danceworks Sydney we only accept a very limited number of students which enables individual attention and a dedicated plan catered to each student.  

The aim of the program is to prepare students for the challenges of working in a dance company. Dancers nowadays must be strong, versatile and able to work in a team.

Core Subjects

  • Classical Open Class

  • Contemporary

  • Repertoire

  • Pointe

  • Male Technique (if applicable)

  • Pas de Deux

  • RAD syllabi

  • Character (based on the Russian Igor Moiseyev method)

  • Cecchetti Ballet

  • Vaganova Ballet

  • Eisteddfod Group Work

  • Private Coaching

  • Body Conditioning

  • Injury Prevention

  • Stretch Technique

  • Anatomy

  • Dance History

  • Choreography

  • Progressing Ballet Technique

  • Visualisation

Practical Classes

Students can join the evening and weekend classes at no extra cost (if deemed appropriate by the Director). For a detailed timetable, please contact Danceworks Sydney.


For an up to date timetable please contact Danceworks Sydney. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are additional to the Full-time program, and times are negotiated on an individual basis.

Academic Study

Students must be entering Year 8 or above at academic level. Distance Education can take students right through to Year 12 HSC level.

Alternately students can receive their academic education at Australian Performing Arts Grammar School, a short walk away, for 3.5 days per week and the Full-Time program on Thursday afternoon and Friday all day. Please enquire at Danceworks Sydney for more details.

Audition Requirements

Private audition by request. 

Audition Dates

Prospective students can apply throughout the year. Primary intake is annually in late January.

Possible Careers

Full-Time students are preparing for professional careers in dance, both in Australia and internationally. Beyond the stage, after retirement from professional dance, there are many options open to trained dancers: Artistic Directors, Choreographers, Repetiteurs, Teachers/Coaches, Physiotherapists (requires further training), Actors, Benesh Notators, Dance Critic. 

Dancers have valuable transferable life/employment skills such as the ability to focus, goal set, work in a team and be adaptable.