Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz & Lyrical

Ballet is the principal style of dance taught at Danceworks Sydney. Ballet provides a base technique from which most other forms of dance benefit. 

From 10yrs old classes in Contemporary and Lyrical are also offered to complement and broaden the student's dance technique and develop their versatility.

Contemporary dance is one of the dominant genres throughout the world also performed by many classical ballet companies. It often combines the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with extra focus on the torso, and also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation, combined with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction.

Jazz dance is an upbeat, funky style of dance usually set to pop or musical theatre music. It's a great way for students to get moving and develop speed and attack.

Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical is performed to music to inspire movements expressing strong emotions from the lyrics.

Parents & Tots: For children aged 2 – 3yrs old

(30 mins)

This is a fun class introducing children to the magical world of dance. Children can dress up in whatever they like as long as they can move without tripping. Parents are encouraged to leave their child at the door. However, parents can sit at the side of the studio.

Pre-School: For children aged 3 – 4yrs

(45 mins)

More challenging steps and syncopated rhythms are taught at this level through the telling of story ballets.

Pre-Primary: 5/6yrs

(45 mins)

The first level of RAD syllabus. Students participate in a Class Award in approx. September/October of each year.

Primary: 6/7yrs


Second level of RAD syllabus.

Grades 1 – 5: 7yrs – 11yrs

(1 hr)

Students attend 2 lessons per week and take an exam in September/October. Please enquire with school if you have a child of this age and we will schedule in a class.

Transition Program: Elite Classical Ballet Coaching For Students Aged 10 - 14yrs

This program is for ballet students who want to progress their technique and artistry and to excel as a classical dancer. For those wanting to later move on to full time training and a career as a professional dancer this program will ensure a secure base which in turn will give them confidence to aim as high as their capability allows. 

With personal attention given to each student, the emphasis of the program will be on coaching clean technique, developing strength, preventing injury and enabling rapid progression within an encouraging and caring environment. 

Students would benefit most from attending the full program, however there is also option to attend 1 or 2 days.


4.30-6pm Open Technique Class - working on clean technique, improving ability to pick up enchainments and covering steps not in the RAD syllabus. This class will also educate students in other styles including Bournonville (Danish), Vaganova (Russian) and Cecchetti (Italian) making them more versatile dancers.


4.30-5.15pm Progressing Ballet Technique - ball work developed by Marie Walton Mahon focussing on finding and strengthening the muscles required in ballet to achieve elongated lines and muscle stamina through the development of muscle memory.

5.15-6pm Pointe Class - pointe enchaînement class designed to correctly train pointe work and improve pointe technique - covering alignment, control, speed of footwork and strength.


4.30-6pm  Repertoire & Variations - selecting level appropriate repertoire from major classical ballets to challenge students and develop artistry and confidence.


11am-12.15pm Coaching Class - this class changes from week to week depending on what the students are needing to work on or are preparing for. It may be an Open Class, Pointe Class, Body Conditioning, Pirouette Class, Allegro Class....

Vocational Intermediate Foundation – Solo Seal: 11yrs+

(1 hr & 1hr 15 mins)

Some Vocational classes are running - If you would like a class at this level please let us know and we will schedule it in.

Coaching/Private Lessons: 

All ages individually or in groups focussed on individual improvement, examination preparation, competition coaching.

Full-Time 2018:

A goal oriented training focussing on clean technique, developing strength and artistry, preventing injury, and enabling rapid progression within an encouraging environment.

For students who show potential and are focussed on pursuing a career in dance. In-depth coaching to prepare you for auditions for major international dance schools and companies.

Acceptance is by audition only, for students from Year 7. Students complete their academic studies through Distance Education.

Part Full-Time 2018:

Danceworks Sydney is partnering with Australian Performing Arts Grammar School to provide a unique and exciting program. Students will attend APGS Monday-Thursday mid morning and Danceworks Sydney from Thursday mid-morning and all day Friday (students can also attend after school classes every day). This is especially suitable for students who want to spend more time dancing but are not ready to leave academic school and study through Distance Education. APGS is a 10min walk from Danceworks Sydney.


“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” 

Marcia Hynes