What to wear? 

We want you to feel comfortable. If thats something loose or a ballet leotard we don't mind at all. 

Why not try a stylish Danceworks Sydney T-shirt which can be bought under Shop! 

For Ballet class we recommend ballet shoes. Hair can be tied back to prevent it flying in your face.

Are men welcome at class? 

Absolutely! Men are more than welcome to join in any of the classes. The teacher will adapt to the male version of the steps.

I don’t have a dancer’s body...

That doesn’t matter at all. All shapes and ages can learn to dance. If you feel you can’t complete all the exercises that’s not a problem, simply do what you can, or take a break at the side of the room until you’ve caught your breath or the class has moved onto a different combination.

Do I have to do exams or concerts? 

Nothing is compulsory! If you would like to do RAD exams let us know. Examination entry is at the discretion of the teacher.

At the end of each year there is the opportunity to perform in the End of Year performance.

I’ve never danced before. Can I still join? 

Of course! We offer Absolute Beginners class for those with no prior or just minimal experience.

I'm sick of Open classes, i want more structure...

The best class for you would be an RAD syllabus class. In RAD classes there is a set number of exercises that are worked on each week till they are at a very high level. Check out the Discovering Repertoire classes under Timetable on this website for more info.

What to Bring?

A bottle of water and enthusiasm! Absolute Beginners are also encouraged to bring a correction book to help learn ballet vocabulary.


“Dancing can reveal the mystery that music conceals.” 

— Charles Baudelaire